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Round Table Presentations Activity
By Aliona Buresh

The benefits of this activity are numerous. For example, everyone is completely engaged, presenting or taking notes, and asking questions for clarification. That said, it's only fair to note that it may take some time to organize this activity and to assure that each pair has time to present and listen to other presentations.


  1. Divide class in pairs, and ask students to work on a 5-minute PowerPoint Presentation in class or at home. By working together, students will be practicing listening, speaking, and researching skills.

  2. The next day in class, one pair of students presents while another one listens and takes notes. Students are free to ask questions for clarification throughout the presentation. Presenting and answering questions may take up to 10 minutes. When students are done, they switch roles and repeat the same cycle of presenting, note-taking, and asking questions.

  3. If you have enough time in the class, students can go around the classroom and present to other pairs of students. Based on the class with 8 students, this activity may take up to 2 hours.

  4. A great follow-up activity is a couple days later ask students to answer questions from the presentations they listened to using their notes.


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